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We are proud to present the following training modules that provide various stimulation opportunities.

Baby Bump

Our philosophy is to teach little hands to do great things.  

We aim to support and empower parents with both knowledge and skill in order to enrich their baby’s development. This interactive 5-week training course will provide a platform for both parent and baby to explore all the facets of development, socialisation, learning and play. Should you have any areas of concern, your needs can be addressed individually by one of our skilled therapists. 


Topics that will be presented:

  •         Infant massage and the beneffits thereof
  •         Bonding with your child
  •         Discovering the sensory profile of both the mother and infant
  •         Colic babies - Myths and Treatments
  •         Importance of tummy-time 
  •        Importance of touch and mid-line crossing
  •         Tactile Defensiveness and Sensory Diets
  •         Visual Stimulation
  •         Fussy Eater
  •         Sleep
  •     Baby floating 

Schedule and practical arrangement:

Training sessions:  Tuesdays (09:30 until 11:00) or (13:30 until 15:00 from May onward)

  •         Mothers and infants need to be in attendance
  •         Fathers, partners and caregivers are welcome
  •        We provide an understanding environment in which the infant can continue his/her routine
  •         Upon enrollment an invoice will be issued
  •         A 50% deposit is payable within 5 days of receipt to secure the booking
  •         The full account has to be settled on the day that the course commences
  •         Please send the proof of payment to accounts@growfully.co.za

Course fees:

R950 for the complete Baby Bump course which includes:

1.      5 training sessions presented by Occupational Therapists

2.      Massage oils

3.      Training leaflets

4.      Helpful information and stimulation ideas

5.      Stimulation gift packs 

Groups of 3 or more qualify for a group discount: R800 per person


Occupational Therapy Groups 

Our philosophy: The fun is in the process

SENSO-ART provides a platform for multi-sensory exploration. It consists of various art, craft and messy play activities that are aimed at stimulating development as well as creativity. Both factors are vital for surviving the ever changing world that we live in.

It is not an art class; the emphasis is on the process of creating. Each child is encouraged to be creative and express their unique personality.

Group sessions are presented by Occupational Therapists and the activities are selected to coincide with developmental milestones.  We offer guidance to ensure that every activity has therapeutic value. Sessions are theme-based to capture your child’s imagination and spark his/her creativity.  


Practical arrangements:

·         Sessions will be presented on Thursdays

·         Session times are either from 10:00 until 11:30 or 14:00 until 15:30

·         Bookings are essential

·         Parents are welcome to stay and participate in the groups

·         Please dress your child in old clothes

·         Bathing suits will assist with the cleaning process

·         Provision of a towel is recommended

Dear parent or caregiver,

Please bear in mind that this is a fun and explorative 

experience and that in order to optimise learning and 

enjoyment your child will have to get dirty.

Fees and Payments:

  •   Payment options per child
  •   Monthly payment R 600 (4 sessions), payable before the 5 th of each month
  • R180 per class – cash payment is preferred for this option
  • Upon enrollment an invoice will be issued which is payable within 5 days of receipts
  •  Your child’s placement will only be confirmed upon receipt of payments
  • Please send the proof of payment to accounts@growfully.co.za

We also present Art Parties - Please contact us for more information in this regard.